The city of Shanghai is growing rapidly. The expansion has attracted a large number of migrant workers who have made great contributions to the city’s urban construction and economic developments. However, most of these migrant workers engage in low-tech and labor-intensive industries and live on low incomes.

When having parents and relatives back in the hometowns, the migrant workers often leave their older children behind. If there’s no one to help or if the children are too young, the migrant workers will bring them to Shanghai and raise them here.  Unfortunately, there are numbers of migrant families which find it very difficult to have a proper life in Shanghai due to their low level of education, low incomes, or when family members suffer major accidents or illnesses. In cases like these, a child’s kindergarten tuition becomes an extra burden for migrant families and they often cannot afford it. The parents have no choice but to leave young children unattended at home when they go out for work. This poses serious safety issues for the children, not to mention potential psychological harm caused to the youngsters.

To help children from poor families receive an adequate pre-school education, You Dao searches and visits kindergartens that enroll migrant children, and establishes partnerships with them.  We offer scholarships for migrant children to bring them back to the classrooms.

How Do We Find Families In Need?

  • From Kindergarten Teacher Referrals
  • From Neighbors, Friends, Word-of-Mouth
  • From You Dao Worker Investigations

Which Children Are Eligible For Scholarships?

You Dao workers visit migrant families and assess whether they quality for a scholarship.  Families with any of the following conditions are our first priority: 

  • Families with THREE or more children;
  • A parent or child suffers a major ILLNESS or DISABILITY;
  • Other situations assessed on case-by-case basis

How Does The Scholarship Work?

Donors RMB 7,000 ,Costs To School A Child Per Year

  • Tuition for 2 semesters
  • School meals
  • Insurance

Miscellaneous Expenses

What do we provide the Donors?

  • Match a donor with one or more children in need
  • Provide information and photos of the child’s family background for better understanding of the child and the family’s situation
  • Keep the donor informed about the child’s development. You Dao visits the family and prepares a report every semester. The update also includes recent photos of the child and comments from his/her kindergarten teachers.