Our Story

Confucius says that the truly good person works towards the way or truth and does not work only for food. Plough and there may still be hunger; learn and there may be emolument to be paid to you as an official. But the truly good person worries about the way and does not worry lest poverty should come upon him.

In other words, moral persons are focusing on the DAO. Such persons are to protect and maintain and educate towards moral value and to stimulate the people’s endless compassion for the DAO. The truly good person “worries about the DAO” rather than his own financial situation. To be concerned about the DAO is to be actively involved in society so as to enhance the spirit of the people about their circumstance. This is the way integrated with loving kindness.

With the continuous development of Shanghai’s economy, a large number of migrant laborers are drawn to Shanghai, making tremendous contributions to Shanghai’s urban development andinfrastructure construction. They are mainly engaged in the construction industry, logistics and other service industry as low-tech, manual labor-based work. According to statistics, the number of migrant workers in Shanghai has exceeded 9 million people and they came to Shanghai with not only dreams, but also their children.

Mostly migrant workers family incomes are stable and they can live a happy life in Shanghai. But there are a considerable number of families due to lower levels of education, marginal income or the family suddenly encountering misfortune, family members suffering from serious illness resulting in life in Shanghai becoming very difficult, sinking into poverty. Having no “hukou”, they cannot qualify for social services, so look to the community for assistance.

Our goal is to provide services for migrant worker families with the above difficulties to ensure their children enjoy normal pre-school education and healthy growth while helping their families to better integrate into society.