Social Responsibility

Shanghai Youdao Charity Service Center has always adhered to the mission of “accompanying migrant families”, and is devoted to advocating social responsibility and building cooperative relationships with society. Throughout the years, Youdao has grown with migrant families and has always sought to improve migrant workers’ welfare through realistic and innovative approaches.

Every year, we customize a series of social welfare support programs to help families of migrant workers achieve a better life. We welcome everyone to participate in or collaborate with a variety of activities.

Activities Introduction

“Financial Aid Family Day”

A special time once a month with volunteers doing hands-on activities with migrant families to build stronger ties.

“Sports Day”

Once a year. A time that focuses on emphasizing the importance of physical exercise and sportsmanship.

“Financial Aid Family Home Visit”

Visiting financially aided families with staff members of Youdao for building connections and discovering ways to improve our services to groups in need. Takes place in May, June, July, December, January each year

Sending Joy to children”

Bringing activities to kindergarten children such as performances by volunteers and giving out storybooks. Through building activity centers, Youdao provides children of migrant families extracurricular activities such as arts, manual work, singing, English conversation lessons, and also provides their families diversified services such as healthcare and parental training.

As Confucius pointed out “The good man is concerned for the Way, not for his own personal profit.” We are dedicated to helping migrant workers find the Way for themselves and their families to survive and grow in the different and often difficult situations they face in Shanghai.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please contact: Yanqing Xie 15618235025 or Fen Wang 15221775491.