Q:What kinds of support do you offer?

A:We support the migrant workers and their families. We raise awareness of the reality and hardships facing migrant families. We aim to build partnerships with organisations and together with our partners we seek to implement specific and highly practical support programmes.

Q:If I donate, where would the money go?

A:The money can be donated for a specific You Dao Project, or it can be donated to You Dao to use, at the discretion of the Foundation, according to its mission and goals.

Q:Is it possible to donate money to a specific project?

A:Yes, one can indeed specifically say what the money is donated for. We typically work closely with donors on forming budgets and on designing specific spending programmes.

Q:What can I do directly by giving up some of my time?

A:This would depend on your own specific gifts and talents and the needs of You Dao at a particular time. Drop us an email or talk to us.

Q:Is there anything else I can give apart from time and money to help?

A:If you are unable to give time and money to You Dao you can still support our work in a very positive way by:

– Introducing You Dao members to your network of potential donors, friends, and organisations that might be able to support You Dao

– Attending You Dao functions and celebrations which we have from time to time. (We have many working bees, functions supporting schools, and various Seasonal celebrations such as Chinese New Year, and Christmas)

– Raising Awareness: Making your colleagues and friends more aware of the plight of migrant workers.

Q:What effective measures has/is the government taking to solve these problems?

A:The Chinese Government is well aware of the hardships endured by migrant workers and is increasingly seeking to improve their rights and conditions. For instance, the new policy for government subsidies for migrant schools is great news. However the problem is enormous and so the private sector should also play its part.

Q:In your experience what are the best ways to raise your own awareness about these important issues?

A:The best way is to have direct contact with people who are migrants, to learn from what they have to say, and to directly see the struggles they have for a better life for themselves and their families. There is also a large body of literature on migrant workers’ issues that we can learn from. You Dao can furnish some statistics and perspectives.

Q:Who can I contact for further information?

A:See “Contact Us”