MX Eyes Care

With the rapid development of Shanghai’s economy, a large number of migrant workers have poured into the city, making great contributions to urban development and the economic growth of Shanghai. For financial reasons, the children of these migrant workers often study in non-government kindergartens or nursing centers, and these kindergartens or nursing centers cannot identify children with vision problems in time for treatment due to their limited nursing knowledge.

Children’s vision matures gradually. In the process of visual system development, there is a stage that is particularly sensitive to external stimuli, called the sensitive stage, which is from 0-12 years old.  From 0-3 years is referred to as the critical stage. 4-5 years old is the best age for general surveys and diagnosis of amblyopia — wandering eye syndrome, which occurs because of improper development of the visual system. Some amblyopia can repaired through treatment. The earlier it is found, and the timelier it is treated, the better the treatment effect. However, if not treated in time, amblyopia can become aggravated, and even result in blindness. Usually parents and kindergartens are not fully aware of children’s vision problems, and so miss the period for most effective treatment.  This means the child is unlikely to recover proper vision, and of course this can lead to severe vision problems which affect the child’s future。