The children sing for the light in summer days

Youdao’s “Happy Summer” welcomed new volunteers this week. The student volunteers who participated in Wednesday’s Wanwan Community volunteer work were all really drawn to the service project. They were joined by their friends to provide their service to our center. The four volunteers divided the children into two classes by age. The younger class was to learn singing, while the older class was to learn drawing.

The volunteers made careful preparations for the class. This is the volunteer in charge of the younger class and he is distributing the printed scores to the children.

The song “The Light Chaser” taught this week is a theme song of a recent popular TV series. The melody is beautiful, easy to learn, and catchy. The volunteer teacher first performed this song for the children. His guitar playing and melodious singing immediately fascinated the children and evoked everyone’s desire to learn.

The children needed to start with the most basic music notes. Two volunteers cooperated tacitly, one to accompany the keyboard and the other to teach singing.

“If you are a summer firefly, the children sing for you…” After the volunteers’ dedicated teaching, the children were singing well.

This is the older class on Wednesday. Volunteers instructed the children in how to copy the paintings distributed in advance. The volunteer teacher first demonstrated basic brushwork on the whiteboard.

This child is taking a group photo with the volunteers to proudly present his work. In fact, some of the children participating in the activity are about the same age as the volunteers. It is difficult to tell who is the student and who is the volunteer teacher!

Beginning this Friday, children in Xiaotang Community began to learn the flute. Since there are more young children here, volunteers also divided the children into classes according to their age. This volunteer teacher is in charge of the younger class. The first step is to teach them how to hold the flute correctly.

These are the children from the older class. With relatively stronger comprehension ability, they were able to play the piece quickly under the teacher’s instruction.


“If you are a firework at sea

I am the foam of the waves

At a certain moment your light illuminates me

If you are the firefly of summer night

The children sing for you

Then I want to paint your hand

You see how small I am

Because you have a dream to chase…”

The melody of the song “The Light Chaser” is concise and meaningful. These few repeated chants are just like a true portrayal of the thousands of volunteers in this land. “You are the fireworks on the sea/you are summer, the fireflies of the night, at a certain moment your light illuminates me/I am so small/because you have dreams to dream!

During this unforgettable summer, the volunteers in the “Happy Summer” series have presented the beautiful music, colorful pictures, ingenious handwork, and story reading to children who are curious about the world, perhaps beginning to illuminate it for them. One by one, the volunteers have encouraged their dreams through offering inspiration and guidance. If you are the firefly of summer nights, the children sing for you!  Thank you-volunteers, for your encouragement and love for the children!