[Our Festival] – Celebrating the Lantern Festival Event

Celebrating the Lantern Festival with Joy and Delight

On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, while beautiful lanterns are adorned and the streets are filled with lights and colors as we celebrate the Lantern Festival. To mark this remarkable occasion, on the afternoon of February 24th, You Dao Center held a “Our Festival – Celebrating the Lantern Festival by Making Tangyuan” event at the fifth neighborhood committee activity center in Fengxian District with participation of 11 children.

Making Tangyuan

Teacher Wang started by distributing the prepared glutinous rice flour and fillings for making tangyuan to the children. The children were divided into three groups.  Under Teacher Wang’s guidance, they began to knead the dough, roll the tangyuan, and wrap them.

As the children’s skilled hands worked their magic, white, plump tangyuan, symbolizing good wishes, appeared before their eyes.

This Lantern Festival event allowed the children to experience the rich atmosphere of the traditional festival and the charm of their national and cultural heritage. It also helped to develop their practical skills.

After the event, the children took home their chubby tangyuan to share with their families, enjoying them together and spending a warm and happy Lantern Festival.