Little Orange Lamps Light the Way to Education

The remote mountains of Yunnan boast the beautiful Hani rice terraces and the lights of the Yi people’s Torch Festival, but the children there have a big problem – they have little light when they try to study their school lessons.

Many children there only have a weak incandescent lamp at home. When night falls, they have no choice but to strain over their homework in the dim light.  Their eyes gradually tire, which not only affects their visual health, but also hinders their learning progress.

But there is now a light of hope shining in the darkness. The “Little Orange Lantern” project launched by the Shanghai Youdao Public Welfare Service Center is bringing light and hope to these children!

In January 2024, we sent lamps to 201 students of the Ejiao Primary School in Honghe County and in the Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefectures of Yunnan Province. In June, we also provided lamps to the Zaolu Primary School, the Gatha Primary School, and the Guidehai Primary Teaching School. 316 students from the schools were given desk lamps so they could study in a bright and comfortable environment.

“A Small Orange Lamp Lights the Way to Education” is not only a slogan, but is also our firm commitment and the foundation of our action!

Every time the switch is pressed, a child’s world is lit up, and every time their eyes focus, a new bit of knowledge is absorbed. The light will illuminate their way out of the mountains and toward a broader world.

We thank every caring person who participated in and supported the “Little Orange Lantern” project. It is your generous donations that are making the children’s path to education brighter!

Let us continue to work together to light more “little orange lanterns” for children in mountain areas, lighting their path to education, and bringing them more hope and warmth.

If you are interested in this project and want to know more about lighting up the future for children in mountain areas, please contact us or a Youdao volunteer near you.