Colorful Children’s Dreams, Happy Children’s Day The Shanghai Youdao Charity Service Center Lights Up The Children’s Festival!

June 1 was a day full of laughter and innocence, as the Shanghai Youdao Charity Service Center joined hands with the Fifth Residential Committee of Fengpu Street, Fengxian District, to organize a grand event with the theme of “Colorful Children’s Dreams, Happy Children’s Day” for the children of the community.  For the special day, we worked together to create a warm atmosphere for children to show respect and love and to support their healthy growth.

The sun was shining on the day, and the children’s faces were filled with happy smiles. Volunteers from Shanghai Normal University first told the children about the origin of Children’s Day to let them know the special significance of this festival that belongs to them. Afterwards, the volunteers gave the children a good time and enjoyed themselves too, playing games together with plenty of laughter and happy faces all around.

In order to let the children better experience the joy of the festival, the volunteers also led the children in making handmade “kites”. Emerging from the colorful paper and the children’s dexterous hands, kites full of creativity and childlike fun were born. The children held them up, full of pride and joy.

Next it was time for the children to show off their talents.  They sang, sang, danced, and recited poems, showing all the charm of their childhood talent.  The audience, and the children too, enjoyed delicious fruit while watching the performances, and the laughter continued.

At the climax of the event, the Youdao Public Welfare Service Center presented holiday gifts to the children.  These carefully selected gifts not only gave the children a surprise, but also let them feel the love and warmth of the society around them.

The “Colorful Children’s Dreams, Happy Children’s Day” event ended successfully with plenty of laughter. On this special day, the children not only felt the joy of the festival, but also gained in growth and confidence. We sincerely wish all the children a happy holiday, healthy growth, and happiness every day!