Youdao and CCA join hands to run for love – Remembering the 2024 Charity Egg Run

Spring was not yet over, and summer was coming

An Egg Run, a Happy Healthy Way to Help Others

You could feel the summer coming, in the gentle breezes of May

The sun was breaking through the new green branches and leaves, glowing in every corner of the park.

It was May 18 and the annual Charity Egg Run was here again, with You Dao and CCA joining hands one more time

Taking part in the run to raise money for children in difficulty.

“An Egg Run”

is a charity hiking fundraising event initiated by the Shanghai Lianquan Charity Foundation in 2011

Aiming to raise money for a variety of children’s needs

The runners need to walk 50 kilometers within 12 hours

And come up with ways

To source donations from their friends so as to

Complete or even exceed the established fundraising target

While working out to achieve their own personal challenges

Early in the morning, the team members set off from Pudong Senlan Wujie Park

Along the way, they passed four checkpoints including Gaodong Ecological Park, Heqing Country Park, and Jinhai Wetland Park

And at the end, everyone completed the challenge!

The 50-kilometer-long journey under the scorching sun was not only filled with the puffing and the footprints of the Youdao CCA team members, but also with the friendship and warm encouragement of every donor. Thank you for your sincere kindness, which allowed us to overcome many obstacles to complete the public welfare cause of helping children in difficulty!

The funds raised by the Egg Run will be used to

subsidize the tuition fees of children in difficult situations in Shanghai.

As of press time:

The Youdao CCA team

Raised: 24,350 yuan

A total of: 101 people donated

A shortfall of 25,650 yuan is required to reach

the fundraising goal of 50,000 yuan this time

The fundraising deadline is May 31

Please press and hold to execute the QR code below

Continue to support the Runing Warriors, because

Every donation you make

Helps make another childhood better!