Happy Summer and the sound of beautiful flutes

YouDaos’s second week of the “Happy Summer Vacation” activities have begun. With the addition of new volunteers, the content of the activity has become richer. In addition to continuing the first week of English lessons and interesting hand-making, the basic course of learning to play the herding flute (also known as clarinet) has been added. You Dao provides each child with a flute and a basic textbook on the flute for free. The design course consists of three sections, mainly to teach the basic knowledge and skills of flute playing. However, if the children’s flute sound is to reach a melodious level, you still need to practice more at home!

At first, the curious children ignored the explanations of the volunteers and blew them in various strange postures. The whole classroom was no longer suitable for humans to stay in for a while, causing one staff member to run in horror at the noise!

Finally, after the on-site staff and volunteers worked hard to maintain order, the children calmed down and turned their attention from the “new toy” they couldn’t put down to the teacher. The volunteer teacher began to teach everyone how to hold the shepherd flute correctly. Sound the first accurate note-“1” duo.


The “Happy Summer” activity has been loved by many parents and children and attracted more and more children to participate. This week, new children were added, including some children under 6 years old. Since the activity was originally designed for children aged 6-12, English lessons are somewhat difficult. In order to fully meet the learning needs of these children of different ages, the volunteers of Stepping Stones specially designed an elementary English course for young children, starting with the letters ABC, leading the children into the world of English learning.

This is a volunteer teaching an English reading course for children in the 6-12 age group. Compared with younger children, older children are more interested in participating in English classes and take the lessons more seriously.

This time, the fun crafting is to make beautiful flowers. Because there are some young children in the activity who cannot complete the more difficult parts independently, they need to be taught hand in hand, which can be very busy for volunteers and staff. However, look at their focused eyes and chubby little hands, they are too cute!

The older children can do it independently under the guidance of volunteers, doing it fast and well!


It’s finally finished. I’m proud and happy with my work!


This boy is ingenious and made a unique colorful wreath, and he can win the most creative award!

It’s an English class again, and it’s also arts and crafts, but it makes the children busy! The cordial and caring staff prepared small snacks and bottled water for the children. Let’s take a break!

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Wanwan Neighborhood Committee and Xiaotang Neighborhood Committee of Fengxian District who provided venue support for the “Happy Summer” activities. They braved the heat and rain during the rainy season from the urban area to come and devote their love, talent and time to the children. Volunteers of Stepping Stones and Flutes, because of your selfless dedication and company, decorated and embellished the children’s summer vacation, making it colorful, fulfilling, and happy!