“Midsummer Joy! Enjoying the Dragon Boat Festival, ” a New Cultural Experience Activit

In the joyous midsummer, the Dragon Boat Festival, filled with the fragrance of traditional zongzi meals, is fast approaching. In order to promote traditional Chinese culture and create a strong festive atmosphere, the Shanghai Youdao Public Welfare Service Center organized a unique public welfare activity – “Midsummer Joy, Enjoying the Dragon Boat Festival with Zongzi,” a cultural experience activity for children, which was held at the Fifth Residential Committee Activity Center of Fengpu Street, Fengxian District on the afternoon of June 8. The event brought together 19 children from the community, who took part in their own personal culture festival.

At the beginning of the activity, volunteers from Shanghai Normal University told the children about the origin, historical customs and the many poems and proverbs related to the Dragon Boat Festival, letting them get a feel for the profound heritage of this important part of traditional culture

Afterwards, the volunteers helped the children themselves make exquisite handmade “Zongyi Dragon Boat” Chinese-style shoulder bags. They did all the weaving, every detail done amidst laughter and joy, full of the warmth of the festival.

The busy efforts of the children reflected their excitement about inheriting this important part of traditional culture. They felt the joyful atmosphere of the Dragon Boat Festival in their hearts, savoring the unique charm of traditional culture while enjoying an unforgettable holiday break. The event not only allowed the children to spend a happy Dragon Boat Festival, but also allowed them to feel the profound heritage of traditional culture, inspiring their joy at learning more about it.

Let us look forward to the next Dragon Boat Festival and continue to inherit and promote the wonderful traditional culture of the Chinese nation!