Yunnan “Sowing Rain” project officially launched!

September 7, 2023 afternoon

7 employee representatives from Adient (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

By the General Manager of Youdao and the Director of the Center,

Accompanied by Chairman Zhang Zhiyong of Zhang Zhiyong Shanghai Charitable Service Society,

we traveled thousands of miles to come to the donation site for this project.

First Primary School of Menghai County, Yunnan Province (Jinglong District).

– Part Ⅰ –

Officials from the First Primary School welcomed the volunteers

Principal Yang Zhengbin of Menghai County First Primary School (Jinglong Campus) warmly received the staff representatives and Youdao staff, introduced the school in detail, and also expressed his gratitude.

– Part Ⅱ –

Work together to prepare for the ceremony

Adient’s employee representatives arranged for the unveiling and donation ceremony of the “Sowing Rain” (Computer Classroom) project the next day. Everyone was enthusiastic and very busy.

On September 8, 2023, Adient employee representatives showed up at the computer classroom early in the morning, waiting for the arrival of the children, and looking forward to unveil the computer room with the pupils.

Sowing the seeds of hope

Principal Yang Zhengbin of Menghai County First Primary School, Ms. Lv Zhen, General manager of Shanghai Youdao Service Center, Ms. Jin Wenmei, APAC IT Executive Director and DE&I Co-Chairman of Adient (China) Investment Co., Ltd., and Mr. Zhang Zhiyong, Chairman of the Shanghai Zhang Zhiyong Public Charity Service Society, delivered speeches respectively, expressing their care for the healthy growth of the next generation and hoping to build a classroom to improve the quality of education in rural area.

When Ms. Jin Wenmei, gave her speech, she choked up several times when she realized how the computer equipment at her son’s school in Shanghai were so much better than those at First Primary School.  Ms. Jin hoped that this donation could allow them to be exposed to a wider world.  She has also urged children to find it in themselves to take advantage of these new equipment.

After the speeches, Principal Yang Zhengbin, Ms. Jin Wenmei, Ms. Lv Zhen, and Mr. Zhang Zhiyong, jointly unveiled the “Sowing Rain” project, marking the official launch of the computer classroom.

From left to right they are:

Ms. Lu Zhen, Principal Yang Zhengbin, Ms. Jin Wenmei, Mr. Zhang Zhiyong

– Part Ⅲ-

Starting engagement, building dreams, seizing the day

After the unveiling ceremony, Adient representatives invited pupils to go up to the podium and introduce themselves and their dreams. Children’s dreams are colorful, some want to be teachers, scientists, People’s Liberation Army, Chinese medicine… Staff representatives applauded the children’s lofty ideals and gave small gifts as encouragement.

Then, an employee representative from Adient IT department gave the children a computer lesson, explaining everything from the components of a computer to how to use it in an easy-to-understand manner, so that the children could quickly master the use.

Finally, Adient’s representatives gave each child a Frisbee and accompanied the children to paint freely on the Frisbee and draw their favorite patterns.

There is light in the eyes and a promising future

Happy time always flies by. As the bell rang for the end of get out of class, the project launch ceremony also came to a successful conclusion. Although the event is over, as Adient representatives said, this is also the starting point for children’s digital education, and the children’s future is full of infinite possibilities.

Thank you Adient (China) Investment Co., Ltd. for your generous donation!

Thanks to Shanghai Zhang Zhiyong Public Charity Service Agency for its recommendation and support!