CCA You Dao Team Run For Love – E.G.G Walkathon in 2023

After a long absence from Shanghai, the popular charity fundraising event the “EGG-a-thon” sounded the assembly call once again in Pudong, Shanghai on May 13, 2023. This year, CCA (The China CIO Alliance) and You Dao formed a team to join the event, pledging to emerge from the shadow of the three-year pandemic and raise funds for the charity that helps disadvantaged children.

Before 7 AM at Pudong Kerry Center, the members of CCA/You Dao team were fully prepared, starting their 50-kilometer trek with confidence under the shady trees and gentle breeze.

The 50-kilometer journey was far from dull. In addition to passing by iconic landmarks in Pudong such as Zhangheng Park, Lujiazui Digital Garden, Yuyuan, and Pudong Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, the event organizers planted many interesting and eye-catching sights along the way. Children dressed in ethnic outfits showcased the charm of remote mountains to the participants.

Successfully reached the first 10-kilometer checkpoint.

Team members and friends who walked along gradually reached the second, third, and fourth checkpoints.

The last 10 kilometers were a test of real endurance, but with victory in sight and motivated by the future of disadvantaged children, they pushed towards the finish line!

The CCA/You Dao Team gathered at the finish line in Pudong Kerry Center!

The “EGG-a-thon” is a large-scale charity fundraising event that combines charity, sports, and sightseeing in Shanghai initiated by the Shanghai Lianquan Public Welfare Foundation since 2011. Thousands of walkers completed a 50-kilometer walk within 12 hours. This is You Dao’s fourth foray in the event, and all funds raised will be used to support the education expenses of disadvantaged children in Shanghai and Yunnan.

Sincere thanks to all the participating CCA team members, accompanying friends, service volunteers, and generous donors who supported this event. Together, we will protect the rights to education of disadvantaged children!