“Happy Summer”: The Flute Lessons and Umbrella Painting

The Wanwan community held its last flute class this past Wednesday. Volunteer teachers taught the children with passion and the children returned home to practice earnestly. Although there were only three short lessons, the students have all completed their studies according to the curriculum and can now play 8 different notes. Playing the shepherd’s flute may seem simple, but it is not easy to play it correctly. Both hands and all ten fingers are required to work together flexibly. You must press and hold the corresponding holes on the flute to control the air flow to make the beautiful sounds. Not only must the holes be kept in mind for each note, but also the movements of the fingers of both hands must be accurately matched. To this end, the volunteer teachers took a lot of effort. Not only did they teach patiently in class, but they also sent the recorded playing videos to the students’ WeChat group after class so that the children could go home and follow along and practice. Many of the older children had already mastered the skills by the second lesson.

However, the younger students in the class had not yet picked things up by the third class, and so the volunteer teacher let the older and younger children partner to study one-on-one, creating many small teachers! These little teachers took their jobs very seriously. However, the development of the little teachers was not all smooth sailing. They had little or no experience in taking care of and leading younger siblings, but they suddenly had to face children much younger than themselves and teach them to play the shepherd’s flute in accordance with the teacher’s request. However, it took only 30 minutes for the so-called famous teachers to make high-quality apprentices. The little teachers successfully completed the task and helped their “students” pass the volunteer teacher’s test.

Seeing that their “students” finally passed the test and graduated successfully, the little teachers finally breathed a sigh of relief. Everyone said: Being a teacher is really difficult! But seeing that my own efforts have helped others, I feel very fulfilled. Having personally experienced the hardship of being a teacher, the children gave a lot of respect and gratitude to the volunteer teachers for their dedication. Although the short course is over, let us remember the good times we spent together, the smiles that illuminated this summer!

The handicraft class in Xiaotang community on Friday was do it yourself umbrella painting. The children draw designs on the white umbrellas as they please, and make an umbrella that is unique in the world and belongs to only them. How dedicated this child is in painting. She painted the sun, flowers, lawn, herself, home, parents, friends who play together, all on her umbrella. All the things she considers the most beautiful and cherished in the world.

It was hard for the youngest children to complete on their own. Grandma had to come to help. The photos of grandparents and grandchildren in the same frame are so warm!

The brush strokes of the children are more mature and sophisticated, and the creations of the children who have a foundation in painting are even more impressive.

The little boy drew his favorite car.

Let’s enjoy the masterpieces of the children!

Seeing these young smiling faces blooming like flowers this summer, is very healing! The smiles of children have a natural comfort and a wonderful power to heal the soul! However, for children to grow up healthily and happily, the joint efforts and cooperation of the entire society are needed to create and maintain a good and suitable growth environment. “Raising a child requires the efforts of the whole village.” Just as You Dao, together with the community, volunteers, and parents, promoted the smooth development of the “Happy Summer Vacation”, I hope that more caring people who care for children and support You Dao will contribute their hearts to the healthy growth of disadvantaged children in our society.