Wish Prosperity gracefully, welcoming the New Year with kindness

Aiming at promoting traditional Chinese culture and to create a festive atmosphere, Shanghai You Dao Public Welfare Service Center and the Fifth Neighborhood Committee of Fengpu Street, Fengxian District jointly organized the “Writing Out Happiness ‘Fu’ for Chinese New Year” calligraphy activity on January 27.  A total of 10 children from the community participated in the event.

Explaining the customs of the Spring Festival

Our leader of the event, Ms. Jin Yan from the Fifth Neighborhood Committee, started the event by explaining the customs of the Spring Festival to the children. She also explained the meaning of the character “Fu” and how it evolved through time.

Explaining the customs of the Spring Festival

Mr. Ruan Jinzhang, a calligraphy volunteer from the community, explained the essence of brush calligraphy to the children in detail, and guided them to master the basic skills such as preparing the pen, dipping the ink, and putting down the pen so that they could master the basic penning skills.

Mr. Ruan then demonstrate writing the “Fu” characters in regular script, ‘Li’ script and cursive script on the paper masterfully.

After the demonstration, Mr. Ruan encouraged the children to try it on their own follow his teaching.  He patiently worked with each child, adjusting their posture and movements, so that they could gradually master the art of calligraphy.  Under the guidance of Mr. Ruan, the children wrote stroke by stroke, experimenting and expressing their creativity and artistic talent.

Showcase the result

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Shanghai Rotary Club sponsored event material kits and New Year’s gift packs for children